A look at the state of mail clients

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A look at mail clients in 2016

Frank Solli

After years with different web mail clients, thunderbird, claws-mail and outlook, mutt still prevails as the most effecient, user-friendly, resource-friendly mail client.

This guide sets together a handfull of tools to do each task, and completes in a delightful mail client setup.

My mail-setup consists of fetchmail, to download mail from IMAP. procmail (called from fetchmail) to sort the mail

mutt to read the mail, msmpt to send the mail, and archivemail to convert maildir to mboxes for history.


cat .msmtprc 

Set default values for all following accounts.

defaults auth on tls on tlstrustfile /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt logfile ~/.msmtp.log


account X host X port 587 from X user X password X


account Y host Y from Y user X password X

Set a default account

account default : X

Now for downloading IMAP, i get my mail from two different mail providers, fethmail calls procmail for each mail, everything goes in the same INBOX.

➜  ~  cat .fetchmailrc 
#set daemon 3600
set daemon 60
set logfile /home/frank/.fetchmail.log
set no bouncemail

poll Y protocol imap:
       username “Y” password “Y”;
no keep
mda “/usr/bin/procmail -d %T”

poll X protocol imap:
       username “X” password “X”;
no keep
mda “/usr/bin/procmail -d %T”

Procmail sorts my mail, the nifty part here is where procmail automatically detects lists and sorts this.

➜ ~ cat .procmailrc SHELL=/bin/bash PATH=/usr/sbin:/usr/bin MAILDIR=$HOME/Maildir/ DEFAULT=$MAILDIR LOGFILE=$HOME/.procmail.log LOG=”” VERBOSE=yes


Here are two rules that will automagically filter most list emails based on

sane matches, such as list id. Very funky, and you almost never have to deal

with folder-making for lists again.

MOST LISTS - Automagically handle lists

:0 * (List-Id|X-(Mailing-?List):(.[<]\/[^>])) { LISTID=$MATCH/

* LISTID ?? ^\/[^@\.]*


:0: * To: nagios@X Lists/Nagios/

:0: * Subject: OSSEC Notification.* Lists/OSSECALERTS/

:0: * From: .*mailman-owner@ * Subject: .* mailing list memberships reminder Trash/

:0: * From: .*user@rss2email.invalid Lists/rss2email/

:0: * From: .* Lists/rss2email/

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